O2's Earth Day Announcement
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O2's Earth Day Announcement

That's right - O2 is now 100% carbon neutral! We love supporting our community, and we're excited to share how we're taking the next step in our journey for Earth Day and beyond. 

We're partnering with One Tree Planted to plant trees and fully offset our carbon emissions. Our effort will help with reforesting in California, and we couldn't do it without your support. 

We’re among only a few beverage companies to achieve carbon neutrality, and we’re proud to be part of a community that helps us lead by example.  

Offsetting Carbon Emissions, One Tree at a Time

Why trees? We know that trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and produce oxygen that keeps us all alive. Years of deforestation have played a critical role in climate change and our overall climate crisis. Planting trees is one way we can reverse this damage; through carbon offsets that account for the carbon dioxide we produce to bring you O2.

Our shipping provider, Ware2Go, helped us calculate the amount of carbon emissions per package of O2 shipped. Our research revealed we need to plant at least one tree for every four packages we ship to fully offset our carbon emissions, so that’s what we’re doing. 

So far, O2 has planted 5,158 trees with One Tree Planted, and we hope to plant a minimum of 3,000 per month moving forward!

Sustainable Packaging

O2 is committed to other sustainable practices as well. We chose aluminum cans over plastic bottles, for example, because aluminum is infinitely recyclable. In fact, 75% of all aluminum in circulation is recycled, and each can is composed of 73% recycled material. Want to learn more? We laid out the entire recyclability story in an article published earlier this year.

We’re also on a path to make packaging for O2 cases even more sustainable by using 100% recycled content. And, our Earth Day tees are made with 70% recycled material, too!

A Leader in Corporate Sustainability

At O2, our commitment to sustainable practices is derived from our values. And, we welcome the opportunity to lead in this area. That’s why our work is just starting. Here are our next benchmarks: 

--100% plastic free with all products by the end of 2021

--Climate Neutral certified by the end of 2021

--Zero Waste Certified at our fulfillment providers by the end of 2022


Join us in helping to protect and heal our planet. For starters, we suggest spending your dollars with companies that share your values - and we hope O2 is at the top of that list!