Amanda Barnhart
O2 Athlete
O2 Athlete since 2016

Amanda Barnhart

As part of our athlete series, we asked our O2 athletes more about how they got into fitness and what their training looks like. Here's a look at O2 Athlete Amanda Barnhart.


How did you first get into fitness? How has that changed over the years?

I have been involved in sports since I was about 4 years old starting with gymnastics, swimming, and ballet. In high school, I played volleyball, swam, and ran track. I swam D1 in college for 4 years and that’s where I started lifting and LOVED it. Shortly into college, I also found CrossFit and used it as training for swimming over the summers! Once I graduated from college in 2014 I started consistently doing CrossFit but didn’t have time to get competitive until I graduated physical therapy school in 2017. 


Name one quality you learned thanks to your sport that you are so grateful to have learned.

Being a college swimmer taught me hard work. The sport of swimming is just good old fashioned work, and it taught me how to grind through long boring workouts. CrossFit has taught me how to overcome adversity and how to learn from failure. You are always coming across things that scare you and things that you aren’t good at in the sport of CrossFit, and it has taught me how to learn from these moments and use it as fuel to make me better.


What’s your least favorite part about your given sport?

My least favorite part of CrossFit would probably be burpees. Why is getting up and down off the ground so hard? Lol.


Go to music when crushing a workout?

I love country music when lifting and Chainsmokers or just today’s hits radio when doing a workout. 


What does your workout schedule look like?

My workout schedule is Monday-Wednesday, rest on Thursdays or active recovery if I feel up to it, then workout Friday and Saturday and rest again on Sundays. I only do active recovery if I want to because if I feel like it’s a chore that probably means my mind and body need a break. 


What does your recovery routine look like?

I make sure to cool down for 15-20 minutes after every intense workout and take a post workout protein and carb shake immediately. I also try to be off my phone about 30 minutes before bed and I stretch, read, and take CBD oil so I can calm down and get a good night's sleep. 


Favorite flavor of O2 and when do you enjoy it most?

My favorite O2 flavor is definitely Blackberry Currant! It’s so delicious. I also love the Grapefruit Ginger but try to avoid extra caffeine during the day because I already drink a lot of coffee first thing in the morning. 


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