Tori Boggs
O2 Athlete

Tori Boggs

As part of our athlete series, we asked our O2 Athletes how they got into fitness and what their training looks like. Here's a look at O2 Athlete and jump rope world champion Tori Boggs.

How did you first get into fitness? How has that changed over the years?

I was only five years old, saw a jump rope performance, and just fell in love with it.

I was really lucky there was a jump rope team in West Virginia where I grew up. The chances of that were really crazy. Even a much bigger city like Columbus, OH, where I live now, doesn’t have a community jump rope program. When I moved here to go to college at Ohio State, I had the opportunity to bring jump rope to a new place which was really cool.

Since then, I’ve helped to start jump rope as a club sport at Ohio State and at 32 other colleges in the U.S. I also am helping to introduce jump rope in other countries and even working to make it an Olympic event in 2028. It’s really exciting to introduce other people to a sport that brings me so much joy.

Name one quality you learned thanks to your sport that you are so grateful to have learned.

Jump rope has given me a different way to connect with other people, and I don’t even have to speak the same language. A smile can go a long way--it’s really a powerful thing. 

I have a unique way to interact with and inspire others, whether it’s to be active and healthy or maybe to pick up a jump rope and push themselves to try something new. That’s the amazing thing about having a passion in life. I want other people to love it and feel as transformed as I do.

What’s your least favorite part about your given sport?

If I’m only jumping, my body is not used to variability, and I’m actually prone to injury. It’s been an incredible lesson that’s applied to performing too. When I’m performing and doing the same show every night, I have to do a very different kind of exercise during the day. That's why I don’t actually jump rope for cardio. 

Go-to music when crushing a workout?

I have a Spotify playlist called Jump Rope Vibes, and that is exactly what I listen to. I change it up for competitions. My favorite thing to listen to is ACDC, and my favorite song is Shoot To Thrill.

What does your workout schedule look like?

As I’m approaching competition, it's 5-7 hours a day in the gym, workouts twice a day. In the morning I do conditioning, and in the evening I work on technical skills. At night sometimes I’ll add extra cardio and end with core--I love core! 

I have a love-hate relationship with running, but it’s really great for jumping and overall conditioning. I also really love to play soccer. 

Depending on the season, I’ll do CrossFit exercises. I just have to be really careful not to put too much stress on my knees and watch the shoulder development. In jump rope, I want to stay light on top to be quick but still strong enough to do the power and strength skills that the guys can do.

What does your recovery routine look like?

A lot of my recovery is ice baths--I love those! Foam rolling, trigger pointing, using a massage gun, and mobility exercises are also good. A lot of times, I do a full-stretch yoga routine in the evenings.

Favorite flavor of O2 and when do you enjoy it most?

I love all the products! When I want caffeine, it’s Orange Mango for sure. Otherwise, it’s Blackberry Currant all the way. But I travel a lot I make sure to take the Peach Pear Mix.