O2 Supports Project Onyx
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O2 Supports Project Onyx

On February 4th, O2 donated 100% of its profits to Elijah “EZ” Muhammad’s Project Onyx, an organization that promotes equal access to health and fitness for underrepresented and underserved youth. Of course, if you follow CrossFit, you know Elijah is a legendary CrossFitter, gym owner, and fitness mentor.


“As soon as I met EZ at the CrossFit Games in 2019, I knew he aligned with our values and was one of us,” said O2 founder and CEO Dave Colina. “We’re proud to have him as an O2 Athlete, partner, and friend. When he told me about Project Onyx and the work with underprivileged youth, it was an easy decision to extend our support."


Elijah co-founded Project Onyx with Patrick Ford, a doctor of physical therapy, because of their shared passion for helping people of color live healthy, active lives. Their Empowered Youth Program provides teenagers with mentors to educate them about fitness and lead them in small-group workouts.


The physical and mental benefits to the participants are significant. In turn, they become role models for healthy living and inspire their communities to do the same. Project Onyx aims to bring grass-roots change with real impact.


Elijah and his team are excited about all the support they’re seeing for the kids at Project Onyx. “One special thank you goes to O2 for partnering with us to help raise the necessary funds to help us create, build, and grow! They have done so much for the community of fitness and are continuing to do so. I’m glad to be a part of this team.”


The program most recently flexed its muscle at the 2021 CrossFit Circus event in Grimes, Iowa. Two first-timers from Project Onyx competed, and Elijah and his partner took first place in the men’s competition.


"It was awesome to see the Project Onyx team at the CrossFit competition in Iowa," said O2 customer support representative Andrew Clark. "Knowing what they are doing for the community makes it a no-brainer to support their cause."


O2 is all in when it comes to building healthy communities and stands with friends like Elijah Muhammad to promote positive change in the fitness space. Learn more about Project Onyx and its impact on the next generation of athletes.