Big News From O2
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Big News From O2

Dave Colina here, founder and CEO of O2 - and I have some big news for you. For us, too. 

O2 Recovery is rebranding as O2 HYDRATION™, and soon you’ll experience the same delicious drink in a new can, along with a new voice and a new mission: to let hard-charging everyday heroes know there really is a better-tasting, better-performing hydration choice at their fingertips. 

Today, we’re known as a niche drink for a specialized audience with a narrow need. But, as you know, O2 has more to offer than just post-workout recovery. (Mostly because that’s what you’ve been telling us for years.)   


You will still enjoy the same exact amazing flavor and functional performance from the O2 you know and love. But, there may be a delivery interruption for some of you as we transition to the new cans, particularly with the Blackberry Currant and Orange Mango flavors. 

Please be on the lookout for an email from customer care that explains how your orders may be impacted in the coming weeks. We are working around the clock to address every customer on a case-by-case basis to ensure the interruption is minimal and your options are very clear. 


We’re confident you’ll enjoy what we have in store for the rebrand, and I hope that you’ll stick with us as we go on this ride. 

We are and will always remain fiercely loyal to you, our customers, and our core values of Honesty, Humility, and Hustle, which is why you’re hearing it from me first. 

Hydrate like you mean it,