Are you a certified gym coach who kicks ass with Honesty, Humility, and Hustle? Great! You’re gonna love being an O2 Coach Ambassador. Just imagine: fun new friends, networking and learning opportunities, shareable discounts, free stuff - and we’re not talkin’ keyrings, friends. Hard no.

We used to sell O2 out of a Prius. Truth. Now, you can find O2 in thousands of gyms across the U.S. Your gym doesn’t need to sell O2 - this is about building a community for people who live and breathe health and recovery, and we’re looking for coaches who keep us at our best. Big yes! Coach Ambassadors are the eyes and ears in our community, and the heart and soul of the O2 brand.

But, in the end, it’s not about O2. It’s about you and how much you already do for your community. And, we’re here to help:

Your Perks


  • 4 FREE cases of O2 to host your first “O2sday” sampling event (you’ll love this)
  • A personal code for 50% off O2 (yep)
  • O2 swag and members-only gear (no keyrings)
  • Discounts for our partner brands (there are a lot)
  • Shareable discount code for your friends & family outside of the gym


  • Power to host O2-sponsored community-building events for your athletes
  • Coaching education opportunities (level up)
  • Exclusive networking capabilities via the private O2 Ambassador FB page (get to know other coaches)
  • Invites to meet and learn from pro athletes, trainers, and coaches
  • Access to amazing events, classes, and workshops
  • Support from the O2 network and community (find your tribe)
  • Brand recognition as an influencer (be a social star)
  • Community event/competition support (get your gym or team sponsored by O2)
  • Potential O2 career opportunities (join the team full time)


SAMPLE: Give people O2 after their first class, host an “O2sday” (on Tuesday, ha ha) for all class members to get free O2, and so on. The goal is to put "cans in hands" and we’d love to see you get creative!

BUILD COMMUNITY: Take advantage of every opportunity to leverage O2 as a community-building tool. A few ideas: provide O2 at your next Habitat for Humanity or local home-build project, fundraise for your local fitness nonprofit by offering O2 gift cards, or host a healthy Happy Hour with O2 mixers. Have a great idea? Let us know how we can support!

LEAD: You’re already a leader in your community. Set the example by drinking good-for-you O2, championing recovery, and sporting O2 swag at the gym. Just do your thing and include us - we're proud to support you as an influencer.

EDUCATE: We’ll arm you with recovery-focused content you can share with your gym's members. This is an easy way to initiate and continue conversations about the role of recovery in a holistic wellness routine.


Our Coach Ambassador Program is the best out there - it’s a fun, exciting way to build community, build your own brand as an influencer, advance your career, and meet amazing people along the way. But, it’s also serious business and we’re looking for the best. We know you have what it takes and we can’t wait to hear from you.

New Ambassadors will be invited to join our super-secret but majorly awesome private Facebook page where we share content, success stories, and wins from the gym. Our coaches love building community, and this is an awesome opportunity to meet other coaches, learn and grow, and make lifelong fitness friends.

Plus, there are tons of ways to get involved! Want a ticket to the games, Wodapalooza, or other event? We love to invite Coach Ambassadors to events, samplings, and chances to work with Team O2 in the booth!

We also enlist Ambassadors for monthly missions. Our coaches execute sampling events, giveaways, and contests at their gyms, which is an awesome way to build community and the best way to engage with O2.


Cool things we do:

  • Happy hour Zoom call with the coaches and EZ
  • Free CrossFit Certs
  • Coach Appreciation Week
  • Live Q&A with Scott Panchik
  • Active Life seminar

Now, join us for what’s next!
Please fill out the application below and we'll get back to you in 3-5 business days!

*You must be a certified trainer/coach and be actively coaching to participate. This offer is available to trainers/coaches in the U.S. only, and all gyms locations are limited to one Coach Ambassador. You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the continental U.S. to participate.

**Affiliate owners are some of the busiest (and best) people we know. If you’re an affiliate owner and would like to participate, please be aware there is a time commitment associated with being an O2 Coach Ambassador.