PART II: Happy National Nurses Day from Allison Kindle
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PART II: Happy National Nurses Day from Allison Kindle

Today is National Nurses Day, and we’ve been talking to CrossFit athlete and nurse’s assistant Allison Kindle (read Part I here) about her time in the sport, and what it’s like working as a caregiver on Florida’s front lines. 
Team O2: Welcome back, Allison! Thanks so much for joining us again today. 
Allison: Absolutely! Happy to be able to chat on National Nurses Day. 
TO2: Last time, we discussed your work as a nurse’s assistant in Florida. Can you provide more detail about what you do, and how you got involved?  
I assist nurses with patients that are pre- or post-op. Pretty cool to do. I like being able to see the surgical side of things.
I was a talent agent, actually - for 5 years, in Ybor City [Tampa]. I loved what I did, but I saw healthcare as a beautiful next step. I wanted to follow in my grandma’s footsteps. 
TO2: And you’re also a CrossFit athlete! You told us you’ve been doing that for nine years. Any hydration tips, or cheat food secrets? Ha! 
You know, I'm the worst at drinking water, so I use hydration mix now. I use it in the hospital, too. It’s hard for me to drink plain water, and I steer clear of artificial sweeteners. 
Cheat food! Tacos and cookies. Ha ha. 
TO2: What’s the one thing you wish more people knew about nursing? 
Nurses and nursing assistants have extreme workloads, and what they have to fit into a 12-hour shift is extreme. Generally speaking, our role is to identify when something’s wrong, and if we don’t it can put a patient’s life at risk. 
It’s obvious, but I don’t think people realize that. 
I take pride in what I do, and the relationships I have with everyone I work with. Wishing all of my colleagues a happy National Nurses Day!
TO2: Thank you, Allison! We appreciate you, and wish you the best of luck in your career and CrossFit competitions!