PART I: Allison Kindle talks CrossFit, National Nurses Day
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PART I: Allison Kindle talks CrossFit, National Nurses Day

Team O2 asks CrossFit athlete and nurse's assistant Allison Kindle how she got into the sport, and what it's like working the night shift as a caregiver on Florida's front lines.

May 6, 2024, is National Nurses Day, and we’re tipping our hats to frontline heroes like Allison Kindle, nurse’s assistant, CrossFit athlete, and inspiration to Team O2. 

Team O2: Allison Kindle, how are you?!  

Allison: I’m great! So good to talk to you.

TO2: So, you’re a nurse’s assistant in Florida. Can you tell us what that’s like? 

I work the night shift, and have done that for two and a half years now. I do everything a nurse does except give medicine and assess patients. I work on the surgical floor. We give people new backs, new knees, new hips … 

Night shift is one heck of a shift - 12 hours of a good time! 

TO2: And, you’re also a CrossFit athlete! How and when did you get into CrossFit?

It’s all because of a Groupon! Remember those? Ha ha. And, my former job [as a talent agent] - because my client opened a gym after the first one closed. I’ve been at his gym ever since - been doing it for nine years. Butterfly effect! 

I’ve been competing since I started, but didn’t start going after it until two years ago. I do about 3-4 competitions a year, and am now doing more out of state. 

TO2: We wish you luck in your next competition! So, National Nurses Day. Do you observe it, as a nurse’s assistant? 

It’s a thing within the hospital. I know that nursing assistants have their own week, but I couldn’t tell you what it is. It’s nice to be associated with Nurse’s Day, but I think it should all be together! 

TO2: What’s your favorite thing about being a nurse’s assistant? 

The relationships I form with my patients. It being night shift, you really do get a lot of one-on-one time. In making my patients more comfortable, I get to learn about them - I get to see the dynamics between people. 

It brings me so much joy. I’m a big softie. I can get stuck in a patient’s room for 30 minutes because they’re telling me how they stayed married for 60 years. 

TO2: Aw. Thank you, Allison! Readers, please click here for Part II of our interview.