A Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Obsessed
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A Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Obsessed

Still looking for a last-minute holiday gift? Struggling with what to bring for your gym’s white elephant exchange? Here are some ideas from the O2 team and our O2 athletes.  

Still looking for a last-minute holiday gift? Struggling with what to bring for your gym’s white elephant exchange? Here are some ideas from the O2 team and our O2 athletes. 

Gifts Under $50

A bottle that keeps your drinks cold or hot. I’m obsessed with my Takeya bottle with a sip lid that I use for coffee specifically. For years I searched for a bottle that could be operated with one hand, had a sip-friendly lid for coffee, and the ability to hang on a carabiner when I didn’t have room in my bag. Takeya’s the only one that met all those criteria. Another option we’ve seen our team members carrying is Hydroflask.  Sarah, our Sales Operations Manager, loves hers.

Grips to avoid tearing your hands on pull-up or toe-to-bar WODs. The O2 team did an internal poll a few months ago on our “gym bag staples” and Bear Komplex grips were among the most cited items. Derek, on our ops team, and Brittany, from our sales team, swear by them! Bear Komplex was kind enough to share a discount code with our community; use code BK-O2 and get a 10% discount off your purchase.

Good Coffee. Whether it’s our founder Dave or O2 athlete Evan Childs, good coffee is a common staple for the O2 community. Something we gifted many of our own athletes this year (SPOILER ALERT) was a sampler box from well known craft roaster, Heart Coffee.  

Fresh Breath. When we asked CrossFit Games veteran, James Hobart, what’s something he couldn’t live without that’s under $25, his answer was Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Flouride-Free Peppermint Toothpaste.  What could be a more thoughtful gift than giving someone the power to, as James put it, “feel clean and ready to conquer the world”.

Phone charger. A good gift is one that’s used often and a phone charger was an item all our athletes and team members always had on their person. Our favorite? The Jackery BoltIt’s got the lightning and USB cord embedded in the charger, so you don’t even need to remember to carry extra cords!

Fancier Gift Options

A nice duffel or backpack: These two picks also come courtesy of James Hobart. I’ll let him take it from here. “Packing a bag for the next day is my most common routine aside from brushing my teeth. Both of these bags, the North Face Base Camp XS Duffel or the Patagonia Black Hole Back Pack, have followed me to numerous competitions, gyms, adventures, and countries. North Face has also replaced a few of these because of their great warranty.” 

The recovery tool trusted by a few of the world’s fittest.  Used by athletes like Amanda Barnhart and Brent Fikowski, Sidekick tools are a great gift and they were kind enough to offer our community a special holiday offer.  Use this link and you’ll automatically get 10% off your purchase.

The sleep setup for the world’s 7th fittest woman: When I asked Amanda Barnhart to name something she couldn't live without, no matter the cost, her answer was her Performa Sleep mattress and her Chilipad. Sleep is arguably our most important recovery tool, so it's no surprise that the world’s best athletes are doing their best to support it. Performa was kind enough to offer a discount code, JOLLY to get $100 off and free plush pillows.

Earbuds made for athletes: If you’re a CrossFitter or Olympic Weightlifter, then you’ve seen some of your favorite athletes (and ours!) sporting ESC Sounds headphones. If you’re interested in hearing what all the hype is about, ESC Sounds was kind enough to share a discount code for the O2 community: ESC10 for 10% off your purchase.

Nutrition coaching: January is unquestionably the most popular month for folks to adopt new diets. Having a coach significantly increases your chances of longer-term success.  Luckily for you, Kassandra Hobart (wife of James) is a nutrition coach for M2 Performance Nutrition and works with clients from all walks of life.  I’ve been a client of Working Against Gravity, and can’t say enough about the impact they’ve had on my own diet and lifestyle.  Whether it’s WAG or M2, invest in the accountability and support a coach can provide. 

If you’ve got any good gift ideas for the fitness-obsessed folks in our lives, post it in your Instagram story and tag us!

Happy Holidays from the O2 team!


Eric Le, Recovery Evangelist & Taco Warrior